Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Learning in School is Fun

Gian is really excited in going to school, because there he can find a lot of friends there and learn too. 
While Baby Gene here is also excited in schooling, even if she's only 1year and 7months you can see how she hooks and interest in school, she even help his kuya in doing some of the homeworks.
 She is also dress up like his kuya's uniform because there are some excess materials when making Gian's uniform, and so we decided to make also one for her little sister.

Here's how they commute in going to school, we take a ride through a tricycle and pay eight pesos as our fare, from house to the school. They love commuting specially when their father can give them a ride at his motorcycle, but we can only do that when my hubby is in night shift as a Policeman in our city.

 Here is the inside classroom of my son Gian, he loves to go around there classsroom and sometimes he likes looking in the pictures of there books.
                                                             Here he is in answering one of the teachers questions. He love's to speak in english...
So therefore learning in school is very fun for them, they make a lots of friends, join good parties and activities along with their classmates and teachers. ENJOY WHILE LEARNING...

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