Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yes To Free Bread (Thanks Gardenia)

I've been joining a lot of promo's from Gardenia Philippines in Facebook, in hoping that someday i'll be able to win some of their finest bread in the country, luckily that day really did come and I win, I was so happy that i can't even wait to share the good news into my timelines wall. Everyone knows and congratulate me for that. And I was so happy, for me that moment was a dream come true and just like i said its a blessing from GOD.
And so to my excitement I email them my contact details, and wait for there reply.
I do get a reply not only in emails, but also through text...
And so I waited for the day that my prize will arrived.
It was Saturday afternoon around 4pm when it came into my doorstep.
I was so happy that even give a share of my winnings to the man who bring my package.
I gave Sir Jun, the Gardenia 2pcs. Fluffy Muffins, so I wasn't able to get a photo of it, but its ok.
 Here's the box, I take a photo of  it since its my first time to have this awesome opportunity .
I even Pose one for myself, THANKS GARDENIA PHILIPPINES!
And when I open the box widely here's what's inside...
Actually that was four packs, but I gave the Gardenia Muffins to the LBC Delivery Man.
(He thank me for what I did, and i feel happy about it.)
Here's the Gardenia WHEAT CRANBERRY LOAF, its so delicious and fruity.
Here's also the AMAZING Gardenia DATES & WALNUTS,
I really love the nuts, you can really feel it with your teeth and even chew it, its still crunchy.
Here's also the Gardenia BUTTER TOAST,
its so tasty, buttery and it melts in my mouth.
Totally scrumptious and mouth watering.

So what are you waiting for? BUY NOW!!!

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